Global Patrons

His Royal Highness Samdech Norodom Sirivudh

Cambodia royal politician who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1993 to 1994. A member of the royalist FUNCINPEC, he also served as Deputy Prime Minister from 2004 to 2006, and, concurrently, co-Minister of Interior with Sar Kheng. He is the son of King Norodom Suramarit.

It’s a great delight to have been a patron of IFAC for the past decade. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dr Handa as a very good friend for the many years he has been in Cambodia, supporting the people and development of my nation.

Dr Handa’s philanthropy has ranged from the funding of a free hospital, to his role in establishing the University of Cambodia. His efforts at the University have seen more than 5000 students benefit from fully funded scholarships to fund their four years of tertiary education.

His support for the Red Cross has given thousands of Cambodians access to clean water. Meanwhile, his continued support for hospital care in Cambodia now covers fifty per cent of trauma patients receiving treatment each year.

While Dr Handa’s humanitarian efforts should be lauded, they should not in any way detract from the special opportunities he has also brought to my country in the fields of art and culture. I remember with great fondness seeing Noh theatre staged amidst the iconic temples of Angkor Wat and the great excitement we took in welcoming such a production to our country.

As Cambodia strides forward from the devastation of war, we remain conscious of how a shared artistic heritage can equip all Cambodians with a sense of pride in our nation and culture, which in turn will aid our nation’s continued recovery. As an honorary member of IFAC, I sincerely wish the foundation the best and hope my fellow members will continue to support its worthy endeavours.

Sir John Key

New Zealand former politician who served as the 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand from 2008 to 2016 and as Leader of the New Zealand National Party from 2006 to 2016. After resigning from both posts in December 2016 and leaving politics, Key was appointed to board of director and chairmanship roles in New Zealand corporations.

Art is an immense force for change in our society. As former Prime Minister of New Zealand, and now Patron of IFAC, I have seen how art can be a form of soft power which galvanises people in ways that diplomacy and politics fail to achieve.

Art can act as an international language that can reach beyond differences of country, colour or creed. It can touch the very core of the human soul, transporting our spirits to a higher plane that allows us to approach issues through a different perspective. Art has enabled mankind to share in such an experience throughout the course of history, which is why I’m delighted to extend my support for IFAC, which strongly believes in the power of the arts and its protection for posterity.

I congratulate IFAC Founder Dr Handa for his visionary support for the arts. His leadership and the altruistic support of IFAC’s board members is enabling the foundation to make a positive global impact. It is most satisfying to see the next generation of talented artists being supported by IFAC and I wish them all the success.

peter phillips

Member of the British Royal Family, he is the elder child and only son of Anne, Princess Royal, and her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips. He is the eldest grandchild of HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

It is my pleasure to greet you as Patron of IFAC.

Throughout the past few decades, IFAC has supported significant cultural & arts initiatives. Its commitment to its partners in the UK and internationally has ensured that the arts continue to flourish and that more people than ever in my country have the opportunity to experience the transcendent power of art in their lives.

From helping to exhibit the great works of our artistic heritage at the Royal Collections Trust, to nurturing new talent at the Place School of Contemporary Dance, IFAC UK is holistic in its mission. It seeks to safeguard great art for posterity while equally advancing the course of creativity for our future generations.

I am incredibly excited to represent this organisation and commend the vision and benevolence of IFAC Chairman, Dr Haruhisa Handa and IFAC’s other partners. Their dedication continues to provide a lifeline to our most important artistic projects in the UK and across the world.

Manjiro Tatsumi

Renowned Noh Performer and Japan Cultural Envoy as appointed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs

I am delighted to offer my greetings for IFAC in my role as it’s new representative and board member.

Art forms a central component of our human legacy. In my own career, I have been fortunate enough to have experienced this power of art as a Noh dramatist, where I have been tasked with passing down the unique theatrical tradition of my nation to the next generation. Its preservation as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO depends on the efforts of organisations such as IFAC, whose ingenuity has afforded Noh actors the opportunity to perform their artistry to audiences beyond Japan on an unprecedented scale. These endeavours are highly appreciated by Noh artists and institutions – including not least the Hosho School of Noh.

Japan is fortunate to have such a cultural advocate in the form of IFAC Chairman Dr Haruhisa Handa. His adept understanding of Noh, stemming from his own experience as a performer of this ancient tradition, qualifies Dr Handa’s patronage of the arts with singular creative vision. His appreciation of Noh’s intricacies in particular will ensure this theatrical treasure will flourish in posterity.